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Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Are you a cat owner who always wonders, “why does my cat lick me?”

If your cat is a licker, the chances are that it's showing you love. Although we can't know if cats can feel emotions such as love, we usually associate their licking with affection. Cat mommies lick their baby kittens to groom them, whereas adult cats lick themselves to stay groomed.

So, what does it mean when a cat licks you? Well, there are quite a few reasons why your cat is licking you; let's look at a top few reasons why do cats lick you.


Just as you pet and cuddle your cat to show that you love it, your cat might repay your affection by licking you. Kittens especially lick to release anxiety and stress. If you have a licking feline by your side, it probably means that your cat is showing you affection and would gladly want some back.

Big Fat Cat Family:

Your cat loves licking you because it's a sign that you are an accepted and trusted member of the feline family. As your cat remembers how it got grooming sessions from its mommy cat, it is merely passing on what it learned. Your kitty is simply trying its best to keep you groomed.

My Human:

Cats always mark their territory or property to tell other cats to stay far away. It is commonly known that cats pee on different things to mark their ownership; however, they can also highlight their territory through head rubs and licking.

If your cat is always rubbing against you or licking you, it is simply reinstating that you are its human, and all other felines should simply back away.

Kitty Might Be Anxious:

Other than love and affection, your cat may be licking you if it's anxious or stressed out. If your beloved fur buddy starts licking you excessively, it may be a sign that your cat is under stress. Try to find out the source of your kitty's anxiety or take it to the vet if you feel concerned about its well-being.

You Taste Yummy

Another apparent reason why your cat is happily licking you away is that you taste like the scrumptious roasted chicken dinner you made and didn't bother to share any with your feline friend. Just like dogs, cats also love human food and wouldn't mind having a few bites of your grilled chicken or fish.

If they don't get any, they may resort to your licking fingers to get their lingering taste.

Helping You Survive

Have you ever noticed your cat licking itself clean after having its meal? This is a survival strategy to remove any remnants of food and keep predators at bay. She may be doing the same for you and getting rid of any food evidence.

So, Why Do Cats Lick People: Final Words

Now, you know the answer to the question, “why does my cat lick me." Many people enjoy having their cats lick them; however, sometimes it gets too much.

If your cat is an over-licker, try distracting it with its favorite toy or a paper ball. Do not punish your fur buddy for something that comes naturally to it. After all, all of us can do with some kitty love.



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