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About Me

Hi, I am Younes. I am 31 years old and live in Morocco in a small city. There is nothing worth mentioning about me except one thing, and that is helping and feeding helpless stray cats and kittens and providing them safe shelter.

In my city, there is no veterinary in or close to my town but there are hundreds of poor, helpless, and starving cats in the streets that no one seems to care about. People daily pass by sick, hungry, and even dying cats but pay no attention as if these poor little souls are not breathing entities. I know all this because I rescue those troubled, homeless poor souls and feed them whenever I see one.

I may have been just like other people seeing and passing by these cats surviving in worst conditions. But it all changed for me when I got my first cat Menoush. I rescued him. He used to follow me every night in the street when I got back from work, looking at me with his adorable eyes. All he wanted was some food and care. In the beginning, I did not pay much attention to him but soon, I realized that he did not stop coming to me despite me ignoring him. Then, I started feeding him in the street and within a few days, we developed a strong relationship, which led me to adopt him finally. 

my cat
Me and my cat Menoush

It was the time when I realized how beautiful and loving creatures they are and demand only love and care from us. Before that, I had no idea about cats; all I knew about them was watching their funny videos on YouTube. And at that time, I did not know that there are many more around us who are not being loved or being taken care of as those in the videos. But I got to know that, and I got to know it so well that it shook me. 

Miserable Life Of Cats…..

I have seen injured cats lying on the streets to be helped or to die. I fed hungry pregnant cats and rescued them from dogs. I have seen sick, hungry and even dying cats on the roads and in alleys and witnessed humans passing by ignoring and neglecting those miserable souls like their lives don’t matter. This is the life, cats in my country are living if it can be called a life, and the numbers only confirm this. According to research, Morocco has a large population of stray cats that roam the streets in pursuit of finding food and shelter among its people.

At that time, I decided to devote my meaningless life to the purpose of saving and feeding homeless cats and educating people about it so that more and more hands could join and truly make a difference.

Now, it has been two years and I have 12 cats that live with me and I take care of them. I also rescue cats that I find in trouble, regularly feed cats outdoor, and find shelter for homeless cats. I have my website that I use as a platform to inform others about the harsh reality concerning the life of cats in Morocco and guide them towards helping cats by providing them food and shelter. My YouTube channel also helps me to spread my message. I do all this because I want to educate more and more people and guide them to save homeless cats and don’t face the difficulties which I faced as there was no one to guide me on my journey. 

I share my rescuing activities on my blog and YouTube channel, both known as “Cats Kingdom." You can read and watch videos to know more about the troubled and impoverished life of cats in my country and how I try to help them. You will also learn how to rescue cats and help them. However, there are many problems that I face that limit me from doing more.

Problems That I Face Daily...

The first problem is finances. Being from a little city, I don’t earn much. Though it has never stopped me from helping troubled cats, it is continuously making me face challenges that are hard to overcome and not allowing me to expand the work. Therefore, I work alone, and it is tough because whenever I rescue a cat, I have to travel to a big city to get veterinary help as there is not veterinary in my city or close by. 

It costs a lot, and coupled with other necessities like feeding and sheltering those helpless cats, it becomes something that my salary does not allow for and does not let me do more. But I am grateful and happy because there are some people who are helping me online by making donations to help cats. But I need more to help, feed, and provide shelter to those homeless, starving cats. 

Unavailability of a proper shelter is the second problem that is directly connected to the first one. I live with my family, and they don’t like what I do but I have no place to keep all the rescued cats and kittens, and people in my town do not like to adopt cats, maybe due to poverty and poor living conditions of the country. But I can’t let them go to live in poor conditions. And even if my family allows me to have every cat I rescue in the house, my already adopted cats are enough for this tiny space, and I cannot keep more and give them quality life that they deserve.

These cats need a proper shelter. Therefore, I have rented a separate apartment to keep them safe and live a healthy, quality life but it is immensely tough for me to afford. But I am doing it by working day and night and with help from some of you and I hope things will improve in the future.

I have a dream to have a home for these cats, which will have all the facilities, including vets and nursery, to help and provide caring and quality life to cats and little kittens that they deserve. And I hope my dream will come true one day with the help of you people.

Therefore, I am requesting you from this platform to help me help those helpless cats that are waiting to be rescued, fed, and given secure shelter. Whoever you are and wherever you are from, please, if you have a heart that breaks when you see a human suffering, then just know that cats are also living breathing souls that feel pain the exact same way as we do. Therefore, help me so I can help those suffering cats living in miserable conditions that add only joy in our lives and make us smile. I am counting on you, my followers, who love cats and can help me continue this work.

A little At The End...

In the end, I will request you to treat cats well. If you see a troubles cat in the street that needs your help, please help her. If you find a starving cat, feed her and call concerned authorities to help them if such a facility exists in your area. Even if you don’t want to adopt a cat, you can help one. 

Thank You!


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  1. What you do comes from the heart as you have well expressed here. Thank you for helping the cats of Morocco.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful comment and support.

  3. Thank you for your amazing compassion and work.

  4. Gosh this made me teary, thank you for doing thisay God bless you

  5. I've just donated only a small amount today but I will done more as and when I can. Bless your beautiful heart, looking after these precious animals. The world needs more of you for sure xx

  6. thank you for what you do. i love cats just as you do and it pains me every single day that i can't do more than i do. I wish I could help you directly, maybe someday. please stay safe yourself <3

  7. Thanks a lot for everything you do for these poor cats ... I also feed 4 stray cats in my garden because I just love cats !

  8. I just sent another donation via PayPal. Your work and your caring heart are so important to these cats and to me. I am grateful that you are doing this wonderful work. Best wishes.