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why does cat bite me ?

At the beginning of my rescuing and taking care of homeless cats, I didn't understand the reasons behind some of their behavior, but after a long time of having contact with the cats, I understood the reasons for most of their behavior.  Today I want to talk about cats biting and what the reasons are behind this as I understand.

Cats sometimes use their mouths to communicate with their owners or with who takes care of them in the street.  Mouth behavior is an important way for cats to communicate with us.

In short, most of the cats that gave me bites on the streets did it after I finished feeding them and when I gently rubbed their bodies.  I discovered that they actually gave me bites when they are satisfied and happy!

These bites are called “Love bites”!  Cats can give us love bites to display affection, behavior which they got  from their kittenhood days, when their mothers were doing the same thing to them.

In this video, you can see how this adorable cat gives me some love bites after I fed him!  How lucky I am ! 😸😻


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