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Why Is My Cat Losing Hair?

Are you starting to notice bald patches on your precious feline’s fur? If yes, then you’ve probably spent hours fretting over the causes. Hair loss in cats is quite common; however, there may be several underlying reasons affecting them, which you are probably unaware of.


Let’s take a walk down the reasons as to ‘why my cat is losing hair?’ and in what ways you can prevent excessive hair loss in cats.

So, Why Is My Cat Losing Hair?

Cat hair loss can be subtle, symmetric, or located in only certain body regions; therefore, it is crucial to get regular check-ups as alopecia in cats can be detected with a complete physical examination. Therefore, it would be best if you searched for the causes and solutions to their hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss in Cats?


§  Allergies

The most common reason for a cat losing hair is allergies. Your cat could be facing allergic reactions to their surroundings. They could be reacting to insect bites, dust particles, pollen, or even a specific food which is aggravating their skin.


In such cases, your poor feline will lick their fur and over-groom themselves to an extent where they’ll start shedding off their hair.


o   How can you treat it? 

It is essential to investigate these inflammatory reactions to avoid long-term diseases such as flea allergy dermatitis and seek medication from credible veterans.



§  Hormonal Imbalance

Humans and animals are similar in many ways: both species require an optimal internal condition for survival. Hormonal imbalance could be the cause of your cat hair loss. It is essential to carry out regular check-ups with your veteran to ensure that your pet cat has stable internal conditions.


o   How can you treat it?

The treatment would depend on the severity of hormonal imbalance within your cat. Usually, animals overcome these issues on their own, but at times, there will be a need for a prescription from your veteran.



§  Stress/Depression

As unbelievable as it sounds, your cat may be undergoing stress or depression. You can spot this in your feline as it accompanies a few other symptoms such as loss of appetite, excessive sleeping, and an overall bleak demeanor. Sadly, many of the cats tear their hair out to express their grievances.


o   How can you treat it?

Spending quality time with your cherished little furry and showering them with adoration will enlighten their mood. Despite acting reckless and indifferent, cats can feel your love. Unlike dogs, they are sneaky about their love for their owner but are deeply fond of them. Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety supplements are also approved treatment.


§  Genetic Hair Loss in Cats 

Genetic hair loss is rarely the issue, but many felines are inherently a victim of hair loss damages, resulting in baldness. Hereditary hair loss in cats can develop in the later stages of life and usually occurs in defined patterns. These cats are prone to hair follicle infections; their body starts missing pieces of hair in particular parts. Genetic problems are usually accompanied by other symptoms such as crooked teeth and abnormal eyes.

o   How can you treat it?

Unfortunately, genetic mutation is permanently untreatable, but there can be medicines prescribed to decrease irritation that leads to skin diseases and excess cat shedding.


Why Is My Cat Losing Hair: The Final Words

If ever, your head starts to rack up concerning your cat's hair loss, read through this, and hopefully, you can decipher why your cat may be losing its hair. You never know, those darn fleas hiding under the fur might be the source of your cat losing hair


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