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Why Do Cats Rub Against You?

Arriving home from work, has your little cat surprised you by rubbing itself over your body? Cats are mostly deemed unpassionate and cold-hearted towards their owners; however, did you know that by nestling themselves close to you, they are expressing love and devotion? Interestingly, these little species are intimately closer to you than you can imagine. Let's dwell into the exact causes as to 'why do cats rub against you?"

If you think you can accurately understand every meaning of your feline's behavior, then I'm sorry to disappoint; it'll be like nailing jelly to a wall. Cats' are one of the most complex creatures out there; however, when cats rub against you, most of the time, it signifies their emotions for their owner.

Marking Their Folks

Cats are initially skeptical about warming up to their owners, but once you gain their trust, they'll adorably start invading your personal space. With scent glands in their lips, chin, forehead, cheeks, and the sides of their head, they secrete pheromones by head-butting or rubbing against you to bathe you within their scent; they want to be able to distinguish between their friends and enemies. 


Now that they've marked you as theirs, you're considered family.



A fascinating discovery suggests that your little feline might just be displaying his principled mannerism. By snuggling up to you as a form of greeting, your kitty is welcoming you and ensuring you're okay. It's like when you get home at an unusual time, and your cat runs up to you, they are welcoming you back after a long interval.


Seeking Your Attention

Are you spending too much time on your work that you've absentmindedly started ingoing your precious cat?

Felines can even feel your mental absence; therefore, it's no surprise that they'll start searching for ways to draw attention; rubbing against you is one of them. Your cat might seem unbothered, but these intimate actions can be a way to beg for your time.


Loving or Clever?

Your feline is smarter than you give him credit. Usually, cats are unresponsive to your love and affection, but soon they learn better. Cats might start snuggling up to you whenever they need something from you. Clever! Right?


They adapt to situations and know exactly how to get you wrapped around their finger. For example, your furry perks up whenever you ring a bell since you've made it a habit to do so when you're about to serve it a treat. Exactly this way, your feline learns to act in specific ways, which it knows will reward him.


Are Cats Specific About The Spots When Rubbing?

Different spots can mean different emotions such as;


§  Most of the time, cats specifically rub against your feet, which is purely done to show affection and love; it can also be a means of greeting.


§  Cat rubbing face means they are sweetly welcoming you as a part of their family.


§  Head-butting is the superior version of all types of rubbing practices: this insinuates deep bonding and trust. Only a lucky one would be able to conquer that!


Why Cats Like Rubbing Against You?

If someone one-day drops the question, 'why do cats rub against you' you'll be sure to answer their queries by the listed causes accurately. Now that you know why your cat is rampantly clingy, be sure to shower it with utmost love.


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