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Why Does My Cat Have Dandruff ?

A common startling discovery many new cat owners can sometimes come across is their cat having dandruff. Yes, you heard that right. Your feline buddies can also get itchy and flaky dandruff that can make them suffer.

So let’s look at some of the reasons to “why does my cat have dandruff” and how you can control the cat dandruff.

What Is Cat Dandruff?

Cats get dandruff when the oil-producing glands in their skin start overproducing. Even though these natural oils are essential for protecting and nourishing the skin, too much of them can have adverse effects on your cat’s skin, causing dry flakes and irritated skin.

You can tell if your cat has dandruff if there are white dots or flakes in their hair that shed onto the surroundings. Your cat's skin starts to look inflamed and dry. They can also be itching or grooming themselves more than usual, and a bald spot on cat is also a sign. These are all signs that your cat is suffering from dandruff.

What Causes Dandruff In The First Place?

So how do your furry buddies get terrible dandruff anyway? Cat dry skin due to dry weather or seasonal changes can be a significant cause. Other factors include obesity, poor grooming, and issues that restrict your cat's movement.

In other instances, your cat may be suffering from a skin disease. If your cat has dandruff along with significant hair loss and red skin, chances are it can be a severe condition known as ‘walking dandruff,’ which needs immediate medical attention. 

How To Get Rid Of Cat Dandruff?
Once you have discovered that your beloved feline is suffering from dandruff, the next step would be to get your cat’s skin back to being healthy. You can use the following tips to keep those dandruff flakes a mile away:

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 § Bath: As much as your cat will hate this, a bath can help reduce the amount of dandruff in its hair. Use a hypoallergenic cat dandruff shampoo and also moisturize its skin with a conditioner. Remember always to rinse the shampoo out thoroughly and only use products that are strictly for cats.
§  Brush: This is the simplest yet efficient method in tackling the dandruff menace that is making your cat suffer. Not only will brushing strengthen your bond with your cat, but it will also help in evenly distributing the natural oil of its skin throughout its coat, keeping it flake-free. Longer hair needs to be brushed daily, whereas shorter hair should be brushed at least twice a week.
§  Massage and moisturize: There are cat moisturizers available in the market that can help soothe and nourish your cat’s sensitive and dry skin. Coupled with a light massage, your cat will love this dandruff busting therapy to relieve cat dry skin.


If life suddenly throws a ‘Why does my cat have dandruff?’ situation your way, there is no need to panic. Simply follow the tips above to keep your feline buddy flake-free. If you feel that your cat’s condition is getting worse, it is always best to visit the vet to deal properly with cat dandruff.


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