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Why is my cat pooping outside the litter box

If you are dealing with cat pooing outside problems and wondering why is my cat pooping outside the litter box? Then you are at the right place to find out the reasons. Look at these reasons carefully and figure out the issue your cat is having.

Why is my cat pooping outside the litter box

Cat doesn’t like the current litter 

Cats like finely ground litter granules, and some of them may not like scented or highly dusty litter products. You can switch to different litters to see what your cat prefers. Once you find out stick with that as cat don’t like changes.

The litter box is too small

The other reason your cat might be bothered about is the size of the litter box. If your cat has recently grown or put on some weight, the box might not be comfortable for her. Try to choose a litter box that is one-and-a-half times your cat’s body length.

The box is too stinky or dirty

Cats are a clean animal, and sometimes a little dirty could be too much dirty for your cat. So, try to maintain a clean litter box.

Unlikable location of the litter box

Well, this might be difficult to know whether the cat doesn’t like the location of the litter box. It can be because you have recently changed the place of the litter box, moved to a new house, bought a new cat or the place where the litter box is kept is dark, scary, noisy, smelly, too warm and near the door or their food and water. Consider these factors and observe the surroundings carefully to determine what is bothersome for your cat.

The box is offensive to the cat

Cats are very picky, and if they find anything unappealing, they get offended. So if you have changed their litter box, placed a mat beneath it, or started using plastic liners, these might be the reasons they are not using the litter box. Generally, cats spend an average of 20 seconds pawing in the box. Notice if your cat is taking a shorter time than usual or doesn’t want to go inside the litter box, then there may be a reason.

Difficult to access 

If your cat gets injured or it is senior or disabled, then there are chances of her defecating outside the litter box. It may be due to the size, depth, or location of the box that your cat cant access easily due to health conditions. Try to keep litter boxes on the floor where the cat lives because cats with health issues may find it difficult to go upstairs.

Cat has associated a painful experience with litter box

If your cat has recently gotten diarrhea or constipation and experienced pain while popping or something has startled her while she was in the litter box. Then these kinds of unpleasant incidents might be the reason for your cat avoiding pooing in the litter box. You may change the place of the litter box to see if it works.

Your cat has a health problem

If not above or something similar to above, then maybe there are any health issues with your cat that are causing your cat to defecate outside the box. Also, if your cat is experiencing pain or fatigue, then it is difficult for the cat to make her way to the litter box or climb inside. Try putting a litter box near the place where your cat spends most of her time and keep it on the ground level.

Most importantly, you can schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to see what issues might be the reason for your cat pooing outside the litter box.


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