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The Reason Behind Your Cat Sleeping Too Much

Are you surprised that your newly bought kitten is sleeping for 15 hours a day? Well, here’s something that might surprise you even more because it is completely normal. Many cats sleep for 20 hours a day! If you want to know more about why does my cat sleep so much and to learn its sleep cycle better, then read ahead.

why does my cat sleep so much

Nap Time For Your Kitty

There are many reasons behind a cat sleeping a lot. But before starting, we have to know that cats are the most active between the period of dusk and dawn. So your cat may be sleeping during the day while being wide awake at twilight.

Twilight is the time of the day when cats are the most active. Due to this, we refer to cats as crepuscular. 

If your kitten stays up all night and goes to bed right when the world wakes up, then it is excellent. This is also because kittens and senior cats require a more significant amount of sleep than adult-aged cats. 

Conserving Energy

Your cat may be domesticated, but it still belongs to the cat family, which has a predatory characteristic. During playtime, cats show a typical predator behavior. They creep about in the shadows and jump onto their prey without giving any prior warning. 
Cats involve themselves in a lot of chasing and hunting that require energy. Therefore, they also have to conserve energy. They do so by taking frequent naps, which could be the reason why your cat is sleeping excessively.

Rainy Weather  

Does the weather affect your mood? Do you feel happy or sad in the rain? Similarly, the behavior of cats is also influenced by the weather. 

Your cat’s sleep cycle depends significantly on your cat’s age, health, breed, and temperament. It has been found that cats tend to sleep for longer hours. Even if your cat stays indoors for the greater part of the day, the rain will still affect your cat’s sleep cycle. 

When To Refer To A Pet For Your Cat’s Excessive Sleeping Issue?

Sometimes it becomes tough to differentiate between your cat’s abnormal sleeping routine or if your cat just loves to sleep a lot. If you find your cat sleeping for more than 20 hours a day, then it is an alarming issue. It becomes even more important to take your cat to the vet if your cat’s sleeping schedule consists of more extended periods of deep sleep.

You must take your pet to the vet if you think they feel lousy during the time when they have to be the most awake. This is the period from dusk to dawn. Your cat could be struggling due to any reason, which is making it sleep for longer hours. This can include obesity, old age, fatty diet, vitamin deficiency, or feline depression.


If your cat has started sleeping a lot, then there is nothing to worry about. There are certain factors that influence your cat’s sleep cycle. However, kittens and older cats do generally sleep for a longer duration. 


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