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How To Keep Cat From Scratching Furniture

Imagine you bought a new sofa that you have wanted for a long time. And now it has become a valuable part of your living. Now, imagine a little more. Just think about that new “detailing” done to your elegant sofa by your lovely cat. Yes! You are right! I am talking about those unwanted claw scratches that will definitely end the grace of your couch if you don’t stop your little friend from scratching furniture.

How To Keep Cat From Scratching Furniture

So, to end your worry regarding this problem, we have come up with some tips. Below are some points on how to keep cats from scratching furniture. 

Why cats scratch furniture? 
  • To show dominance: Cat's paws have special glands that liberate scent when scratched. This fragrance marks the cat's territory.
  • To maintain cleanliness:  Scratching also removes excess dirt from their claws. Cats are fond of cleanliness. 
  • To relief stress: Cats feel pleasant when they scratch. It's natural. This activity will keep her calm and satisfied all day.
  • To stay active: Scratching is an exercise. It keeps their muscles healthy and active. 
How to keep your cat from scratching furniture? 

Telling your cat, not to scratch would not be of use. You have to be more practical and strategized. But remember, declawing is not a good option. Why? It is torturous.

Moreover, it leads to further complications like it alters the tread of the cat. It causes the cat's body posture to lose balance. It also leads to physical as well as behavioral changes in the cat. Above all, declawing is illegal to conduct. 

Following steps can help do so: 

  • Buy some scratch posts: The primary step you need to take is to get some scratch posts for your cat. Scratching is both her need and habit. So, don't be cruel to scold your cat for it. Rather be wise and provide her with a replacement for your couch that she can scratch on.

  • Tip: Buy a post that is both comfortable and comfortable. 
    • Choosing the right place to place the posts: Be wiser now. Only putting the posts is not all but placing rightly is. Observe your cat's routine and keep a note of the places she likes to spend her time the most. Then put the posts accordingly. 
    Tip: Place the posts in exposed areas or the ones which are filled by people. Cats love seeking attention. 
    • Using citrus sprays: Cats dislike tanginess. Add some to your sofa. This trick will keep the cat away from even coming near to your couch. Synthesized Citrus sprays are readily available in stores. 
    • Going with Feliway: It is a substitute for feline facial pheromone. This product helps in keeping your cat calm. As a result, she would prefer not to scratch instead will spend more time playing. 
    • Artificial claw caps: Claw caps are one of the best inventions of the time. They are vinyl covers and are environment-friendly. Also, they are non-poisonous for your cat and are reliable to use. 
    Tip: Be careful when buying the artificial nail caps and assure that they are of appropriate size for your cat. 

    Keeping a cat is fun. But there always remains a question on how to keep a cat from furniture scratching. Cats demand attention and care and so does your furniture. So, use the above tips to keep your cats from damaging your furniture.


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