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How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone

Cats are known for being solitary creatures, but people who understand cats and their needs say that it's not entirely true. In fact, some cats are very social and like to be in the company all the time. Especially cats who share a strong bond with their human companions easily get distressed or lonely if they are left alone for too long.


Many people decide on to have a cat as a pet instead of a dog because cats are relatively low-maintenance than dogs, and they can be alone for longer than dogs. HOW LONG CAN YOU LEAVE A CAT ALONE? It depends upon your cat. But there are some generally accepted guidelines for how long can cats be left alone at home.

  • Most cats sleep for 13 to 18 hours a day and leaving them home alone while you are at work is usually no problem because they are accustomed to your routine. However, if you have an elderly cat, a kitten, or a recently adopted cat, then it could be different so you can only leave them for shorter periods. 
  • Kittens that are younger than four months should not be left alone for more than four hours. For kittens that are 4 to five months old, you can leave them up-to five hours, and when they reach six months, they can live up-to eight-hour a day without your company. Adult cats are content being left home alone for up to 12 hours.

To prepare for leaving your cat alone, here are a few things to follow to ensure that your feline friend stays physically and emotionally healthy.


Cat needs to stay hydrated like other beings. Before leaving, you must fill your cat’s regular water bowl and also fill some extra containers of water around your house. 


If you are leaving your cat for a longer period, then AUTOMATED PET FEEDER is the best option as they keep food fresh. If you don’t have them, then leaving your cat enough food is essential.


Apart from your cat’s regular litter box, add a second litter box in your house, and don’t forget to acquaint your cat with its location before you go out. This will reduce the likelihood of unauthorized deposits around the house.


Though the indoor temperature is subtle than outdoor, still if you are leaving your cat alone, especially if you live in a hot climate, then keep the air conditioning on to keep the cat cool.


Cats quickly get bored, and they can start scratching your furniture if they have nothing to do. So to engage them, you can take help from these things.
  • Puzzle feeders
  • Cat toys 
  • Vertical scratch posts
  • Cat trees
  • Bird feeders outside the window
  • Hiding food or treats around the house
  • Cozy bed beside a window
  • Having someone drop by for a play session
Also, leave radio, TV, or music on and your cat won't feel entirely alone.


If you are going away from home for more than one night, arrange for a friend or cat sitter to visit your cat. They have to scoop the litterbox and refresh the food and water bowls so that you can take the worry out of your trip.


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