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How To Get a Cat in The Carrier

Many cats get noisy and terrified when you try to put them into a cat carrier, which gets a lot hectic when going to a vet or traveling. So to get a carrier-phobic cat safely and as happily as possible into a cat carrier, here is how to get a cat into a carrier.

 Our guide will help to reduce the anxiety of your kitty and get her quickly into the carrier. We hope our guide to get your cat in a cat carrier is helpful.

How To Get a Cat in The Carrier

Let The Cat Explore The Carrier & Get Comfortable With It

When you first get the cat carrier, here are some things you should do to help your cat get comfortable with it to ensure calm loading and transporting in the carrier.
  • Leave the cat carrier in a shared living space such as a living room which you, your family, and your cat use together. Don’t forget to open the door. 
  • You can also put the carrier at your cat's favorite place in the house.
  • Put an object like a blanket or toy that your cat's love into the carrier. This could also be a small bed that fits in the space as cats like small and cozy places.
  • Lay a couple of treats or a few of your cat's food kibbles into the carrier.
  • Spray Feliway inside your cat's carrier. It is a feline pheromone substitute that will make your cat feel calm and happy.
  • If your cat still doesn't go inside the carrier then place its food near the carrier door, ones your cat starts eating its food comfortably then move the bowl an inch more towards the carrier door then gradually slide the food container inside the carrier, don't move too much at a time, let the cat take its time. If your cat stops eating food, then place the food container backwards and repeat the process until the cat becomes comfortable in going into the carrier.

Method To Put Your Cat Quickly Into The Carrier

If you do not have enough time to make your cat immune to cat carrier, then you can use this quick-fix method as your solution.
  • Place the carrier in your bathroom. Don’t do this in front of your cat.
  • Open the carrier door and position the door facing the ceiling. 
  • Get a lightweight, small bath towel that can be enough to wrap around your cat and put it in the bathroom too.
  • Now bring your cat in the bathroom either by carrying or luring in and close the door. 
  • Give your cat a bath. If you don't want to give the shower, it's ok, just continue to the next step. 
  • Gently and confidently wrap the cat in the towel by keeping the head out. Hold the towel securely enough, so the cat does not escape, but obviously not so tight that you are hurting them or obstructing their breathing. 
  • Place the cat into the carrier, and quickly shut the door. Do not worry about unwrapping the towel; cats can easily uncover themselves.
  • Now, stand the carrier on its solid end, with the open door facing the ceiling.
  • Lift your cat, make sure to support her bottom half as well, lower her down tail first into the carrier (so that cat doesn't see itself), and then put her safely inside the carrier.


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