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They criticized me for losing my money to help cats

I can't find the right words to thank every person who support my work by donations or by any other kind of support like retweeting, encouraging comments...etc

Here where I live in a third-world country, a very few people those can help animals or supporting who saves animals.

I started this work before I open a Twitter account or YouTube channel, so I spent most of my money to help cats.

My family, my friends and people here criticized me for losing my money to help cats, but I didn't care of their criticism, because when I spent a lot of time with cats, I found a huge love and pleasant times with those creatures, cats helped me to overcome my depression! So I found that cats deserve more care and respect, because they are a wonderful creatures.

But now, when I got a lot of good and beautiful people those following me on internet and supporting my work, I feel more confident and motivated to continue this journey, thank's for every person who following me and supporting me!


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