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How do i keep my cat out of my christmas tree

How to keep my cat out of my Christmas tree and how do I keep my cat from climbing my Christmas tree are two questions that many of us struggle with during the entire Christmas season. 

The thing is that cats love sparkly, enticing Christmas trees. In fact, it must be exciting for them to see you hanging shiny stuff on a tree for them to play indoors. But, obviously, you cannot afford broken ornaments or your Christmas tree toppling over or worse. So, you have got to cat-proof your Christmas tree, but the question is how.

how do i keep my cat from climbing my christmas tree

Scaring your cat away from the tree using cat-control products that release a shock or high-pitched noise when your kitty tries to step across the boundary is not a good solution. Not only cats usually react poorly to this kind of system, but a stressed cat is more prone to sickness and behavior problems, which none of you would want.

So, the question is how to keep the cats away from Christmas tree effectively. Well, we have got a number of solutions, and these include both preventative and extra safety measures.  Her you go.

It’s Time For Some Oranges

Surely you love oranges for all the Vitamin C benefits and the nutty fragrance, but you know what, cats surprisingly do not don't fancy the smell of oranges. So, eat an orange and keep orange rinds under the tree to deter your cat. It will be good for your health and your Christmas tree.

Attach All The Ornaments To The Tree Securely

You can use metal hooks to lock the ornaments to the tree, which won’t allow the decorations to be pelted or lifted off. Use quality wire ornament hangers and a pair of pliers to fasten the hook part around the branch for better results. And after fixing the decorations, don’t forget to tug at them to check if they are securely clipped to the tree and won’t fall off easily.

Steer clear of any string, rubber bands, or other dangly stuff to attach the ornaments with.

When You Are Out Or Asleep

Always make sure to lock your cat in a safe room large enough to hold it when everyone is either out of the house or asleep. This will keep your little furry friend from destroying the ornaments or bashing the tree on the floor.

Spray them Away

Use a small amount of Citronella oil mixed into a bottle of water to mist on to the tree if it is a plastic one. This will make the tree smell unpleasant to the cat but fresh to you, or you can also use citrus spray. You can also spray the bottom branches with tabasco sauce if you are afraid your cat will chew the bottom branches. It will make the cat wince and run away.

Get Some Extra Bells

Purchase some extra bells and hang them on the lower branches. Now, if your cat tries to climb the tree, pull on it, or hides underneath it, you will hear it and will be able to get your cat out of the tree without causing any damage. 

Put Your Delicate Ornaments Higher

Place delicate decorations high up on the tree. Try putting the ornaments that are more breakable, appealing, or dangerous in the top two-thirds of the tree.

Tinfoil Is Good For Your Tree

Small kittens love to climb the tree more than the mature cats. However, they do not like putting their nails into tinfoil. So, wrap some tinfoil around the trunk, and it will keep your cat from climbing the Christmas tree.

Make Sure the Tree Is Steady

One way to do this is to get a piece of high test fishing line and connect the top of the tree to the ceiling. You can also tie one end of a string around the tree trunk and fasten the other end to a hook or in the wall to prevent the tree from tipping.

Last Words

If you can make absolutely none of these solutions work for you, you can always set your cat up with food, water, and a litterbox along with a cat climbing tower and enticing toys in a bedroom away from the tree for the duration of the holiday season. As long as you spend some quality time with your cat and play with it, your Christmas tree will be fine, and your cat will be happy.


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