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From a rescued little kitten to an adorable cat!

Six months have passed since I rescued this wonderful kitten that you will see in this video. This kitten came to our city from another city. He was stuck in a big truck. When this truck stopped near our house, the driver took this little kitten from under the truck and threw it away. He was very small and lean and was screaming strongly. He seemed very afraid because he was in a strange place for him where he couldn’t see his mom & was perhaps hungry because the truck may have traveled a long distance.

My mother saw the kitten when the driver of the truck threw him, and returned to the house to tell me. I rushed quickly to save this poor guy, especially since at that time I had lost my beloved kitten Minosh. I needed another kitten to help me get rid of the pain of losing my beloved kitten. When I got out of the house and arrived at the place of the little kitten and found him sleeping next to a car, I tried to approach him without letting him notice me. I didn’t want him to be afraid and run away, so I grabbed him gently and took him home with me.

We were very happy that night with the new lovely kitten! After he filled his belly, he began to jump and play around us!

Now six months have passed since his rescue and through this video you will watch when he was young and how he was happy, as well as when he grew up as a wonderful cat. Enjoy!


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