SIMON AND ROCKEY- two peas in a pod

AUGUSTUS-  rules the Kingdom


In loving memory of Spanky

BLEAU- Our Angel


Our family

​It was late October 2014 and I had just left the vets with great sadness. Pierre had just been diagnosed with RKF  (Renal Kidney Failure).   I felt hopeless, my vet said to just take him home and continue to do what I was doing... I was speechless.  Two days later I was with Pierre trying everything to get him to eat and or at least drink something . Nothing...he was very lethargic and  so sad looking. So I knelt down next to him and asked him to give me a sign of what to do.... He got up went to sink and started to drink from it like old times. He had given me his answer, I'm gonna fight . From that moment on I was right there to fight with him and FOR HIM...... I got him the Sub Q Fluids I knew he needed and began research on the BEST FOODS I could feed him to slow the disease down.....

The rest is history and Cats Kingdom was born....​

TAZZY- Our Angel


BELLA BOO- Augustus right hand gal at the Kingdom